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  • Paint for Tiles Wall...


    ✅ Extremely hard-wearing / Moisture- and water resistant
    ✅ Water-based / low odor emission
    ✅ Perfect adhesion
    ✅ Suitable for wall and ceiling tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, living room etc.
    ✅ Made in Germany / High efficiency = approx. 6-8m2/liter

  • Adhesive Primer for...


    ✅ Special primer for secure adhesion of wall and floor tiles
    ✅ Ready to use and fast drying. Suitable for heated floors as well
    ✅ Gives intensive substrate adhesion to almost all surfaces including concrete, mortar, screed, tiles, plaster, wood fiber, plasterboard, marble, bitumen substrates etc.
    ✅ Easy to apply with roller or brush
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • 2Pack Epoxy Primer...


    ✅ 2Pack deep epoxy primer for floor coating with good penetration ability
    ✅ Ideally suited for workshops, warehouses, garages, halls, as well as for heavy load production facilities
    ✅ High chemical resistance / Corrosion protection and insulation
    ✅ Easy application with epoxy roller
    ✅ Coverage: approx. 200-300g / m2 per coat

  • Adhesive Sealer...


    ✅ Very good adhesion to mineral substrates
    ✅ Water vapor permeability is maintained
    ✅ Waterproof, corrosion-resistant, dirt-repellent, light-fast
    ✅ Versatile applications
    ✅ No blistering occurs

  • Latex Paint for Walls...


    ✅ Perfect top coat for all interior walls and ceilings
    ✅ Ideal latex wall paint for heavily used rooms
    ✅ Highly durable, abrasion resistant, cleanable
    ✅ Highly opaque, odorless, low in emissions
    ✅ Washable and very hard-wearing: any impurities, i.e. tomato sauce, can be easily washed off

  • Silicate Paint for...


    ✅ Quality opaque paint based on silicate
    ✅ Perfect covering & abrasion resistance
    ✅ High water vapor permeability
    ✅ No preservatives, allergy neutral
    ✅ Water-dilutable, environmentally friendly and low odor

  • Lime Pebble Paint for...


    ✅ Very good coverage
    ✅ Optimal breathability
    ✅ High whiteness
    ✅ Mineral, environmentally friendly
    ✅ Efficiency = approx. 5-8m2 / liter (depending on the substrate)

  • Wall Facades...


    ✅ Water repellent / Water vapor permeable
    ✅ Frost- and impact-resistant
    ✅ UV- and alkali-resistant
    ✅ Colorless / Wall optics is maintained

  • Nano Facade Paint...


    ✅ Protection against algae and fungi infestation
    ✅ Facades stay clean and protected for a prolonged time
    ✅ Excellent opacity and easy application
    ✅ No unpleasant odors or toxic fumes

  • Horizontal Sealer Hole...


    ✅ Prevents the rising moisture penetration into the masonry
    ✅ Suitable for old and new buildings
    ✅ Protects basement walls, balconies, facades, exterior & interior walls of new & old buildings
    ✅ Efficiency: with approx. 6 - 8 boreholes per 1m of wall you need approx. 6 - 8 kg
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Wall Paint...


    ✅ High-quality, diffusible and solvent-free interior paint
    ✅ Suitable for all unpainted substrates such as plaster etc.
    ✅ Special interior color is clear and ideally suited for an environmentally friendly coating of wall surfaces
    ✅ Satin finish

  • Anti-Graffiti Coating...


    ✅ Anti-graffiti coating
    ✅ For walls, trains, traffic signs, buildings, living rooms, business premises, etc.
    ✅ Fully weather resistant
    ✅ Fully water vapor permeable
    ✅ Water repellent