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  • 2Pack Epoxy Floor...


    ✅ Provides very good chemical resistance for walls and floors
    ✅ Perfect for mineral surfaces, garage floors, cement, beton, hard asphalt screed and fiberglass
    ✅ Good durable and impact-resistant / abrasion-resistant
    ✅ Great load capacity even on busy industrial surfaces
    ✅ Economic consumption: approx. 200-300g / m2 per coat; 5kg - 25m2 l 10kg - 50m2 l 20kg - 100m2 l 25kg - 125m2

  • Acrylate-Based Floor...


    ✅ Additional protection for floor paints
    ✅ Metal-reinforced acrylate-based permanent sealer for existing floor coatings
    ✅ Increases the resistance to plasticizes from car tires
    ✅ Easy application / High efficiency = approx. 1L / 5m2
    ✅ Made in Germany / Professional canister with German BAM approval

  • Primer for Paint...


    ✅ Optimal substrate preparation for highly absorbent indoor and outdoor surfaces / Solidifies the substrate with excellent deep penetrating effect
    ✅ Suitable as a primer for following substrates: cement, concrete, screed, plaster and other mineral surfaces
    ✅ Odorless / Dries quickly / Can be used in the entire living area, even in rooms with insufficient ventilation 
    ✅ Adhesive base binds dust and provides strong adhesion improvement with a firming effect
    ✅ MADE IN GERMANY / High range = approx. 6-8m²/l

  • Acid Etching Solution...


    ✅ Special etching solution for optimum substrate preparation for floor coatings
    ✅ Enables significantly improved adhesion even on difficult surfaces
    ✅ Especially recommended for heavily soiled and oil-soiled floors
    ✅ Very efficient - 1 liter is enough for about 5 m2. Depending on the surface, a canister is sufficient for approx. 50 m2
    ✅ Indoor and outdoor use / Recommended as an additional product to our floor coatings

  • Special pre-Cleaning...


    ✅ Special pre-cleaner for optimum substrate preparation that provides intensive and deep cleansing effect

    ✅ As a result, wax, grease, dirt, rubber etc. will be thoroughly removed from the surface

    ✅ For both internal and external use 

    ✅ Durable and easy to use

    ✅ Made in Germany / High quality

  • Road Marking Paint for...


    ✅ Excellent paint for marking of road, parking space, concrete, asphalt, tarmac, brick, park, etc.


    ✅ Light reflective surface and water resistance

    ✅ Approx. coverage: 5m2 per liter

    ✅ Quick-drying | Gloss level: matt

  • 2Pack Epoxy Swimming...


    ✅ For new coating and renovation of pool / Easy to handle with roller
    ✅ Significantly longer life than normal 1Pack chlorinated rubber or PU paints
    ✅ High resistance to chlorine, water, moisture, salt, acids and alkalis
    ✅ Consumption: approx. 200-300g  m2 per coat l 5kg - 25m2 l 10kg - 50m2 l 20kg - 100m2 l 25kg - 125m2

  • 2Pack Swimming Pool...


    ✅ Extremely hard-wearing | Made in Germany
    ✅ Sealing as a preparation for the swimming pool
    ✅ Sticks to tiles, concrete and cement
    ✅ Can easily be processed by the role
    ✅ Efficiency/ range: 1.6 kg / m2 per operation (2-fold coating is recommended)

  • 2Pack Epoxy Primer...


    ✅ 2Pack deep epoxy primer for floor coating with good penetration ability
    ✅ Ideally suited for workshops, warehouses, garages, halls, as well as for heavy load production facilities
    ✅ High chemical resistance / Corrosion protection and insulation
    ✅ Easy application with epoxy roller
    ✅ Coverage: approx. 200-300g / m2 per coat

  • 2 Pack Epoxy Resin...


    ✅ 2Pack Epoxy Resin Sealing Coating is ideally suitable for garages, basements, workshops, warehouses, industrial and agriculture facilities, production halls, terraces, plants, parking lots, etc. | For floors and walls & both interior and exterior application
    ✅ Excellent protective and penetrating coating for mineral surfaces e.g. concrete, cement, stone, brick etc. as well as for hard asphalt screed and fiberglass
    ✅ Durable | Impact- and abrasion-resistant | Easy to apply
    ✅ Produces a dust-free surface with a subtle sheen and satin finish
    ✅ Coverage: approx. 200-300g/m² per coat | 1,5kg - 7,5m² | 2kg - 10m² | 3kg - 15m² | 5kg - 25m² | 10kg - 50m² | 20kg - 100m²

  • Floor Paint Floor...


    ✅ Ideal paint for concrete, cement, wood, metal floors, walkways, basements, terraces etc.

    ✅ Enhanced durability, abrasion resistance and good resistance against oil and many chemicals

    ✅ Low odor emission / Perfect for indoor and outdoor application / Easy to wash & quick-drying

    ✅ Made in Germany according to highest quality standards / Officially licensed and TÜV tested

    ✅ High range = approx. 6-8 m2 / liter depending on surface porosity and texture


  • Nail shoes for floor...


    ✅ Nail shoes for painting without traces
    ✅ Plastic nylon nail soles - Size: 30.00 x 13.50 cm
    ✅ Scope of supply: 1 pair - READY-MOUNTED
    ✅ The nails are already attached to this model, so you can start working right away
    ✅ Universal size with 2 adjustable suspenders