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  • Paint Brush Set Wooden...


    ✅ High quality brushes with ergonomic wooden handle are suitable for all paints and varnishes, both textured and smooth surfaces

    Comfortable to use | Ideal for amateur and professional applications

    No bristle loss guaranteed

    Perfect paint loading and even distribution provides easy and strain free painting

    ✅ Durable | Easy to clean and store

  • Farbsprühsystem...


    ✅ Schwingungspegel: 2,5m / s2, k=1,5m /s2
    ✅ Luftschlauchlänge: 3m
    ✅ Containerkonkurrenz: 800ml
    ✅ Düsengröße: 2,5mm
    ✅ Gewicht 4.5 kg