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  • Metal Protective Paint...


    ✅ Durable protective coating for various metal surfaces that can be used both indoors and outdoors

    ✅ Basic / intermediate and final coating in one

    ✅ Water based / low odor emission / weather resistant

    ✅ High range = approx. 5m2 / liter per coat (double coat is recommended)

    ✅ Easy application with roller, brush or sprayer

  • Anti-corrosive Paint...


    ✅ Iron-grade rust corrosion protection paint
    ✅ Liquid corrosion inhibitors with high creep capability
    ✅ Electrochemical corrosion protection with high quality 
    ✅ Anti-corrosive barrier pigments effectively shield the substrate against corrosive media
    ✅ Applicable both inside and outside

  • Substrate Preparation...


    ✅ Suitable for steel, aluminum, zinc
    ✅ Quick drying / High opacity
    ✅ Very good adhesive properties
    ✅ Very good corrosion protection effect
    ✅ Excellent anti-rust property

  • Rust Remover Protector...


    ✅ Ensures permanent rust removal on various metal substrates
    ✅ Durable / Provides long-term and optimal protective layer
    ✅ Suitable for iron, steel and other metals
    ✅ Highly concentrated industrial grade based on phosphate
    ✅ MADE IN GERMANY - by renowned paint manufacturers with more than 100 years of tradition

  • Hammerschlaglack...


    ✅ Hammerschlageffektlack 4in1 - als Grundierung, Rostschutzfarbe, Zwischenanstrich und Deckanstrich

    ✅ Geeignet für Metalloberflächen, wie Zäune, Türen, Gartenmöbel, Gartenzäune, Geländer, Fahrradteile uvm.

    ✅ Der Buntlack ist Schlag- und Kratzfest, Licht-, Wetter- und Wasserbeständig

    ✅ Hammerschlagfarbe eignet sich für alle blanken oder rostigen Metalle im Innen- und Außenbereich

    ✅ Hohe Reichweite = ca. 6-8qm/Liter pro Anstrich (doppelter Anstrich empfohlen)

  • Paint Spray System...


    ✅ Works according to the low pressure spraying technique
    ✅ Suitable for solvent-based and water-dilutable paints, primers, two-component paints, automotive coatings, stains and wood preservatives etc.
    ✅ Vibration level: 2.5m / s2, k = 1.5m / s2
    ✅ Air hose length: 3m / Containers competition: 800ml / Nozzle size: 2.5mm / Weight 4.5 kg
    ✅ Made in Germany / High quality