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  • Teak Cleaner Wood...


    ✅ Ideal for refreshing and cleaning faded and gray wood
    ✅ Suitable for all woods in the interior and external area
    ✅ Ideal for removing dirt, debris, green coverings etc.
    ✅ Suitable for old and new garden furniture, wooden terraces, equipment houses and much more
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Pure Orange Oil from...


    ✅ Pure Orange Oil / 100% Natural / Orange Cleaner / Orange Oil Cleaner Made In Germany
    ✅ Acid Free / High Concentration
    ✅ Pleasant Orange Smell / Low Allergy Potential (As Turpentine Oil)
    ✅ Degreasing Of Metal Parts, Such As Bicycle Chains, Gears Or Ball Bearings. Stains On Upholstered Furniture And Carpets, Floors Etc.
    ✅ Improves And Enhances Surfaces

  • Antifreeze Decalcifier...


    Consumption: 1L for approx. 5-6m²
    ✅ Easy to use, fast and gentle effect
    ✅ For quick descaling of appliances such as dishwashers, kettles, coffee machines, etc.
    ✅ Removes lumber bearings safely and reliably
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Oil for Stone Care...


    ✅ Natural organic toxic-free stone oil appropriate for natural stones like shale, granite, terracotta, terrazzo, brick, marble, limestone, quartz, slate etc.
    ✅ Easy to process / Dirt- and water repellent / For interior and exterior use
    ✅ Penetrates deeply, fills the pores and provides durable gloss and protection
    ✅ Made in Germany / Top quality
    ✅ Application rate = approx. 8m² / 1L

  • Ceramic & Cotto Care...


    ✅ Suitable for floor tiles, bricks, clay and slotted tiles, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles
    ✅ Cotto & ceramic care product
    ✅ Provides protection and shine / Permanently dirt-repellent
    ✅ For indoor and outdoor use
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Natural Clinker Oil...


    ✅ Very productive | High penetration capacity
    ✅ Water-, weather resistance | Long service life
    ✅ Room climate remains untouched
    ✅ Pure oil | Valuable balsam resins
    ✅ Easy to work with

  • Whirlpool Cleaner Pool...


    ✅ Pool Disinfection Cleaner 
    ✅ Works against germs, bactria, fungi, legionella
    ✅ Very efficient: 0.1 liter of product is enough for approx. 100 liters of water
    ✅ Material-friendly / Easy to apply / Improved quality
    ✅  Easy reclosable thanks to professional canister with BAM approval

  • Soda Lye Cleaner Soda...


    ✅ Soda Water Cleaner
    ✅ Effective and deep-acting cleaner against stains and dirt
    ✅ Suitable for cleaning toilets, coffee machines, windows, glasses and drains
    ✅ Removes any stain on different surfaces
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Oil Stain Remover...


    ✅ Oil stain remover
    ✅ Effective and deep-acting cleaner
    ✅ Very effective against stubborn dirt
    ✅ Suitable for all absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
    ✅ Eliminates engine oil stains, diesel stains, fuel oil stains, oil stains, gear oil stains, vegetable oil stains

  • Special Algae and Moss...


    ✅ Kills algae and moss / significantly improves adhesion
    ✅ Removes algae and moss on roofs and facades
    ✅ Very efficient = 1L / 5m²
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Tent Cleaner / Cleaner...


    ✅ Suitable for all coated tent roofs, tarpaulins, umbrellas, fabrics, awnings
    ✅ Mild and gentle cleaner
    ✅ Perfectly suited for dinghies as well
    ✅ Cleaner for plastics and textile industry
    ✅ Made-in-Germany

  • Garden Furniture...


    ✅ Environmentally friendly cleaner for garden furniture made of synthetic or painted wood in the home, garden or office
    ✅ Works intensely, anti-statically and makes re-soiling difficult
    ✅ Suitable for garden furniture in the home, office and commercial area. For already treated wood, plastic and metal