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  • Pickup Coating 2Pack...


    ✅ 1 liter (1x750L varnish/ 1x250ml hardener) COMPLETE SET = for about 2m2 loading area
    ✅ 2 liters (2x750L varnish/ 2x250ml hardener) COMPLETE SET = for about 2m2 loading area
    ✅ 4 liters (4x750L paint / 4x250ml hardener) COMPLETE SET WITH PISTOL = for approx. 7-8m2 loading area
    ✅ PROTECTS LOADING AREAS OF pickups and other commercial vehicles FROM DAMAGE
    ✅ RESISTANT to gasoline, oil, solvents and chemicals as well as weather + UV radiation
    ✅ Forms rough surface / SHORT-RESISTANT / Resistant to steam cleaner / MADE-IN-GERMANY
    ✅ Apply with a ROLL, BRUSH or SPRAYER / IMPACT resistant and ANTISCRATCH / Noise damping

  • Nail shoes for floor...


    ✅ Nail shoes for painting without traces
    ✅ Plastic nylon nail soles - Size: 30.00 x 13.50 cm
    ✅ Scope of supply: 1 pair - READY-MOUNTED
    ✅ The nails are already attached to this model, so you can start working right away
    ✅ Universal size with 2 adjustable suspenders

  • Radiator Paint Heater...


    ✅ Radiator Paint Water Based / Low Odor / Water Resistant / Semi Glossy
    ✅ Heating varnish Temperature resistant up to 80 degrees / Very good adhesion
    ✅ Easy to process with packing brush or velor roller
    ✅ Fast drying heater paint with great flow
    ✅ Made In Germany

  • 2Pack Tile Paint Color...


    ✅ 2Pack tile varnish for the renovation of floor, wall and ceiling tiles
    ✅ Easy to apply with a brush, a roller or a spray gun
    ✅ High-quality, abrasion-resistant, high-coverage and high-filling two-component tile varnish
    ✅ Efficiency: approx. 200-300g / m2 per coat; 2,5kg - 12,5m2 l 5kg - 25m2 l 10kg - 50m2 l 20kg - 100m2

  • Terracotta...


    ✅ Terracotta impregnation sealing stain protection
    ✅ Effective long-term protection and care for your terracotta, clay and cotto surfaces
    ✅ Indoor and outdoor use
    ✅ Protects against salt efflorescence, water spots, encrustations, green deposits and moisture penetration
    ✅ Made in Germany - high quality

  • 2 Pack Bathtub Paint...


    ✅ Ideal 2 pack coating for ceramics, enamel, acrylic, porcelain, steel (no stainless steel), tiles, plastic, fiberglass 
    ✅ Perfect for renovation of old bathtubs, shower trays, enamel sinks. Also suitable as wall and floor tiles varnish
    ✅ Both indoor and outdoor application
    ✅ No intense odors / No sputtering / Quick-drying (only 48 hours)
    ✅ Wide range of RAL colors and gloss levels of coating

  • Luminescent Pigments...


    ✅ Solvent-based
    ✅ The color offers a long and intense luminosity
    ✅ The luminous color is harmless and free of radioactive radiation
    ✅ Further possible uses: steps, light switches, emergency exit signs, and more
    ✅ Safe for human health

  • Swimming Pool Paint...


    ✅ Made in Germany | water resistant | matte
    ✅ Good for beton, and other materials which contact with water
    ✅ resistant against abrasion, scratch, and weather
    ✅ Fast drying
    ✅ Consumption: approx. 1 liter / 5m2

  • Hammerschlaglack...


    ✅ Hammerschlageffektlack 4in1 - als Grundierung, Rostschutzfarbe, Zwischenanstrich und Deckanstrich

    ✅ Geeignet für Metalloberflächen, wie Zäune, Türen, Gartenmöbel, Gartenzäune, Geländer, Fahrradteile uvm.

    ✅ Der Buntlack ist Schlag- und Kratzfest, Licht-, Wetter- und Wasserbeständig

    ✅ Hammerschlagfarbe eignet sich für alle blanken oder rostigen Metalle im Innen- und Außenbereich

    ✅ Hohe Reichweite = ca. 6-8qm/Liter pro Anstrich (doppelter Anstrich empfohlen)