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    ✅ LOW ODOR EMISSION / modern water-based product
    ✅ HIGH REACH = approx. 5m2 / liter (per coat) / Professional packaging EN-Certified
    ✅ INTERIOR + EXTERIOR APPLICABLE / 3IN1 = primer, intermediate and final coating

  • Brick Primer Substrate...


    ✅ Optimum substrate preparation for absorbent brick substrates
    ✅ Solidifies the substrate and creates suction equalization
    ✅ Good penetration
    ✅ High range = approx. 5m2 / liter
    ✅ Apply with roller, brush or sprayer

  • Paint for Tiles Wall...


    ✅ Extremely hard-wearing / Moisture- and water resistant
    ✅ Water-based / low odor emission
    ✅ Perfect adhesion
    ✅ Suitable for wall and ceiling tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, living room etc.
    ✅ Made in Germany / High efficiency = approx. 6-8m2/liter

  • Paint Brush Set Wooden...


    ✅ High quality brushes with ergonomic wooden handle are suitable for all paints and varnishes, both textured and smooth surfaces

    Comfortable to use | Ideal for amateur and professional applications

    No bristle loss guaranteed

    Perfect paint loading and even distribution provides easy and strain free painting

    ✅ Durable | Easy to clean and store

  • 2Pack Epoxy Floor...


    ✅ Provides very good chemical resistance for walls and floors
    ✅ Perfect for mineral surfaces, garage floors, cement, beton, hard asphalt screed and fiberglass
    ✅ Good durable and impact-resistant / abrasion-resistant
    ✅ Great load capacity even on busy industrial surfaces
    ✅ Economic consumption: approx. 200-300g / m2 per coat; 5kg - 25m2 l 10kg - 50m2 l 20kg - 100m2 l 25kg - 125m2

  • Tung Oil Care for Wood...


    ✅ Chinese wood oil / tung oil / China oil
    ✅ Tung or wood oil maintains and protects hardwood surfaces, suitable for teak, eucalyptus, bankirai, larch, oak, cedar
    ✅ Indoor / Outdoor applicable / Transparent - Colorless
    ✅ Furniture, stairs, floors, wooden decks (e.g., boats), fences, garden furniture
    ✅ MADE IN GERMANY - by well-known paint manufacturer with over 100 years of tradition

  • Linseed Oil for Wood...


     100% pure natural linseed oil also known as flax oil or flaxseed oil
    ✅ Ideal for use with all types of wood both indoors & outdoors / Suitable for furniture, paneling, cladding, moldings, beams, doors, floors etc.
    ✅ High durability and protection from sun, water, scratches and most stains
    ✅ Made in Germany / Contains no solvents, aromates, dry matters or preservatives
    ✅ Economical consumption = approx. 0.1 - 0.2 liters (per coat)

  • Anti-corrosive Paint...


    ✅ Iron-grade rust corrosion protection paint
    ✅ Liquid corrosion inhibitors with high creep capability
    ✅ Electrochemical corrosion protection with high quality 
    ✅ Anti-corrosive barrier pigments effectively shield the substrate against corrosive media
    ✅ Applicable both inside and outside

  • Adhesive Primer for...


    ✅ Special primer for secure adhesion of wall and floor tiles
    ✅ Ready to use and fast drying. Suitable for heated floors as well
    ✅ Gives intensive substrate adhesion to almost all surfaces including concrete, mortar, screed, tiles, plaster, wood fiber, plasterboard, marble, bitumen substrates etc.
    ✅ Easy to apply with roller or brush
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Pure Orange Oil from...


    ✅ Pure Orange Oil / 100% Natural / Orange Cleaner / Orange Oil Cleaner Made In Germany
    ✅ Acid Free / High Concentration
    ✅ Pleasant Orange Smell / Low Allergy Potential (As Turpentine Oil)
    ✅ Degreasing Of Metal Parts, Such As Bicycle Chains, Gears Or Ball Bearings. Stains On Upholstered Furniture And Carpets, Floors Etc.
    ✅ Improves And Enhances Surfaces

  • Linseed Oil Boiled...


    ✅ Cold-pressed linseed oil free from solvents, additives and preservatives
    ✅ For wooden &garden furniture, parquet, doors, terraces etc. / Both indoor & outdoor application 
    ✅ Easy application & quick drying / Excellent flow and gloss / Color: Transparent
    ✅ Economic consumption: approx. 0.1 - 0.2 liter/m2
    ✅ Made in Germany / Top quality / Biological and non-toxic wood protection

  • Rust Remover Protector...


    ✅ Ensures permanent rust removal on various metal substrates
    ✅ Durable / Provides long-term and optimal protective layer
    ✅ Suitable for iron, steel and other metals
    ✅ Highly concentrated industrial grade based on phosphate
    ✅ MADE IN GERMANY - by renowned paint manufacturers with more than 100 years of tradition