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Stone Сarpet Marble Gravel Floor Coating Staircase Stone W730 25Kg 2qm

€24.95 / 1m²
Tax included

✅ Scope of delivery Natural stone carpet: 25KG marble gravel + 1,5KG 2k binder + 20L MISCHIMER for processing INCLUDED

✅ High quality stones from Italy and quality 2Pack binders from Germany

✅ Suitable for inside and outside application for following surfaces: concrete, natural stone, screed, tiles etc.

✅ Applicable for gardens, terraces, balconies, private rooms, commercial buildings, pool landscapes, patio roofs, balconies, business premises, exhibition rooms, etc.





Product set: Natural stone carpet: 25KG marble gravel + 1,5KG 2Pack binder + 20L MISCHIMER for processing INCLUDED.

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Finish with worn edges, unsightly surfaces, cracked tiles, leaking joints, moisture in the concrete and much more. We offer jointless stone carpets made of marble with high-quality binder for coating concrete, screed, tiles, natural stone and wooden substrates.

The marble gravel is unmatched in its color effect. The stone carpets are also frost-resistant, non-slip, waterproof and easy to clean, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Our stone carpet W730 is self-supporting, very durable, non-slip even in wet areas and has high abrasion resistance.

Water does not collect on the stone carpet, but seeps through it. Thus, no dangerous ice or stagnant water can form.

Stone carpets have a sound-absorbing effect due to their open-pore structure and reduce dust build-up.

Stone carpet W730 has the following advantages:

✅ For indoor and outdoor use

✅ Stone carpets can be vacuumed dry and wet

✅ Static charge of the soil is not possible

✅ Allergic suitable

✅ Frost-proof and watertight system

✅ Durable and high quality sealing

✅ Slip-resistant and sure-footed in any weather

✅ Damp-proof and elastic, for a pleasant ride

✅ Easy to care for as it repels dirt

✅ Simple processing, noble appearance

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