Special pre-Cleaning Solution Concrete Before Painting Cleansing Effect W810 1-10L

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✅ Special pre-cleaner for optimum substrate preparation that provides intensive and deep cleansing effect

✅ As a result, wax, grease, dirt, rubber etc. will be thoroughly removed from the surface

✅ For both internal and external use 

✅ Durable and easy to use

✅ Made in Germany / High quality



Special pre-Cleaning Solution Concrete Before Painting Cleansing Effect 1-10L


Special Pre-Cleaner W810 is a liquid powerful ready-to-use emulsion of surfactants (nonionic surfactants and acidic components) for cleaning and pretreatment of mineral and other surfaces before subsequent coating. The cleaner is also an ideal substrate preparation for the swimming pool.


✅ W810 Special Pre-Cleaner reliably removes contaminants from oil, animal and vegetable fats, dirt, grease, wax, resin encrustations, charred residues, copolymer waxes, micro-dust etc. from the surface
✅ Recommended for use before painting and re-painting. This powerful cleaner is designed as a cleaning pre-treatment of concrete, stone surfaces, old painted surfaces etc.
✅ After treatment with W810, paints adhere reliably and smoothly to the surface


Substrate preparation is the prerequisite for an optimal end result as it enables technically perfect and long-term coating of a surface. The aim is to ensure that the color that is to be applied to the final coating protects the surface in the long term simultaneously providing an appealing look and design.

Firstly, remove dirt from the surface with a broom. Then apply W810 to the surface.

Depending on the area, use either a suitable scrubbing brush, hand brush or rag. After 5 minutes of exposure, clean the dirt with a scrubber or brush.

Then wipe the surface with mop or clean cloth. In case of any remaining dirt, sprinkle it again with W810 and treat separately with a brush.



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