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Quartz Gravel Marble Splinter Ornamental Split Colored Gravel 5-25Kg

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✅ Ornamental gravel / ornamental chippings are available from different natural stones in different colors and sizes
✅ Ideal for garden beds, paths, fortifications and ponds, etc.
✅ Designations: marble gravel, ornamental gravel, marble chippings, garden gravel, gabionic stones
✅ With ornamental gravel and garden gravel you can customize your garden - you can create unique and beautiful gardens and paths




Quartz gravel for decoration in or around the house and garden. With garden gravel you can customize your garden - you can create unique and beautiful gardens and paths.

The versatile filling of color and form can create harmonious overall compositions. Quartz gravel for filling gabions, laid out on leaves beside walkways around the house and in the garden, flower pots, aquariums, crafts and painting, grave decoration.

Suitable for:

✅ Horticulture
✅ Decoration
✅ Indoor fountain / planters
✅ Sidewalks
✅ Aquarium Bodengrund (Kies ist nicht gereinigt, für die Verwendung im Aquarium muss dieser mehrmals gründlich gewaschen werden!)


✅ Fine garden gravel for garden and park paths
✅ Gravel for terraces
✅ For the border of garden ponds
✅ For ornamental garden, Japanese garden, atrium, etc.
✅ Large color selection and individual design options

Product features:

  • Grain size: 4 - 8 mm
  • Packing unit: 25 kg bag

All of the materials shown here were photographed partly wet or wet / dry to illustrate the structures and colors. Colors and shapes may therefore differ slightly from the stones shown in the pictures.

The material is measured at the narrowest point, so the actual size may vary slightly. The sizes given on the page refer to the technical measurement.

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