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Floor Paint Floor Coating Concrete Cement Industrial W700 1-20L

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✅ Ideal paint for concrete, cement, wood, metal floors, walkways, basements, terraces etc.

✅ Enhanced durability, abrasion resistance and good resistance against oil and many chemicals

✅ Low odor emission / Perfect for indoor and outdoor application / Easy to wash & quick-drying

✅ Made in Germany according to highest quality standards / Officially licensed and TÜV tested

✅ High range = approx. 6-8 m2 / liter depending on surface porosity and texture


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Product information:

Eimer_W700-1.jpg?dl=0W700 is a water-based silk-matt air-drying highly durable floor coating for storage rooms, offices, operating rooms, basements, terraces, cellars, halls, workshops, etc. The coating surface is easy to clean and resistant to abrasion and oils.

Product features:

✅ Suitable for cement, wood, concrete, etc.

✅ Extremely hard-wearing and resistant to oils and many chemicals

✅ Water based / low odor emission

✅ Indoor + outdoor application / insensitive to moisture

✅ Perfect for workshops, halls, cellars, basements etc.

✅ High range = approx. 6-8m2 / liter

✅ Possible to use with roller, brush or sprayer

✅ Professionally packed in container with clamping ring


EU limits value for the VOC content of this product (CAT.A / i): 140 g / l VOC (2010). This product contains max. 140 g / l VOC.

Product data:

We supply ready-to-use floor paint based on acrylate copolymer dispersion base, that is hard-wearing and highly durable. The coating surface is easy to clean, abrasion resistant and resistant to most oils. In addition, W700 floor paint is universally applicable and can be used on (poured) concrete, metal and wooden substrates.

Surface preparation:

Firstly, repair existing holes and cracks with W757 - Epoxy mortar. Eliminate unwanted bumps and slopes with W715 – Self-Leveling compound. Clean the floor before coating with W810 - Special Pre-cleaner. Cement slurries, sinter layers forming oil residues and deposits of surfactants, lime, etc. must be removed.

After cleaning and before applying W700 coating, floor should be treated with W800 Acid Etching Solution that ensures roughening of the soil in the micro range and significantly improves the adhesion of W700 coating. Without using of W800 Solution, newly created concrete floors and previously trafficked concrete floors may cause problems for proper adhesion of W700.

Recommended additional products:

✍ W810 - Special Pre-cleaner - for cleaning and surface pre-treatment;
✍ W800 - Etching Solution - for even better adhesion that ensures roughening of the soil;
✍ W757 - Epoxy Resin Mortar - for repair of holes and cracks;
✍ W715 - Leveling Compound - for leveling out unwanted irregularities and slopes;


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