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  • 2 Pack Bathtub Paint...

    €46.07 €51.19 -10%

    ✅ Ideal 2 pack coating for ceramics, enamel, acrylic, porcelain, steel (no stainless steel), tiles, plastic, fiberglass 
    ✅ Perfect for renovation of old bathtubs, shower trays, enamel sinks. Also suitable as wall and floor tiles varnish
    ✅ Both indoor and outdoor application
    ✅ No intense odors / No sputtering / Quick-drying (only 48 hours)
    ✅ Wide range of RAL colors and gloss levels of coating

  • Cement Veil Remover...

    €22.99 €25.54 -10%

    ✅ Cement veil remover concrete screed
    ✅ Cleans and removes cement residue, cement veil, lime efflorescence
    ✅ Suitable for concrete, screed and cement substrates
    ✅ Consumption: 1L for about 5-6sqm
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Cotto Cleaner Marble...

    €18.37 €20.41 -10%

    ✅ Provides natural shine and protection
    ✅ Apply on waxed and pretreated surfaces
    ✅ Ensures a natural care of your cotto, terracotto as well as clay surfaces
    ✅ Durable, easy to apply
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Lime Pebble Paint for...

    €27.61 €30.67 -10%

    ✅ Very good coverage
    ✅ Optimal breathability
    ✅ High whiteness
    ✅ Mineral, environmentally friendly
    ✅ Efficiency = approx. 5-8m2 / liter (depending on the substrate)

  • Quartz Gravel Marble...

    €17.91 €19.90 -10%

    ✅ Ornamental gravel / ornamental chippings are available from different natural stones in different colors and sizes
    ✅ Ideal for garden beds, paths, fortifications and ponds, etc.
    ✅ Designations: marble gravel, ornamental gravel, marble chippings, garden gravel, gabionic stones
    ✅ With ornamental gravel and garden gravel you can customize your garden - you can create unique and beautiful gardens and paths

  • Stone Sealer for...

    €18.37 €20.41 -10%

    ✅ For indoor and outdoor use, as the product is weather-resistant and yellowing free
    ✅ Stone sealant forms a waterproof and UV-resistant protective coating on natural stone surfaces and artificial stone surfaces
    ✅ Water and dirt no longer penetrate the surface and the surfaces are easier to clean
    ✅ For natural and artificial stone surfaces, slate, porphyry, sandstone marble, terrazzo, polygonal slabs, cast stone etc.
    ✅ Consumption: 1L for approx. 5-6m² / Made in Germany

  • Substrate Preparation...

    €17.01 €18.90 -10%

    ✅ Suitable for steel, aluminum, zinc
    ✅ Quick drying / High opacity
    ✅ Very good adhesive properties
    ✅ Very good corrosion protection effect
    ✅ Excellent anti-rust property

  • Tent Cleaner / Cleaner...

    €41.31 €45.90 -10%

    ✅ Suitable for all coated tent roofs, tarpaulins, umbrellas, fabrics, awnings
    ✅ Mild and gentle cleaner
    ✅ Perfectly suited for dinghies as well
    ✅ Cleaner for plastics and textile industry
    ✅ Made-in-Germany

  • Terracotta Cleaner...

    €19.71 €21.90 -10%

    ✅ Delight in sparkling clean pots that will look like new
    ✅ Highly effective against impurities, deposits (patina), encrustations, dirt and efflorescence, salt efflorescence as well as loam and earth dirt
    ✅ Consumption: 1L for about 5-6m ²
    ✅ Made in Germany

  • Terracotta...

    €17.91 €19.90 -10%

    ✅ Für alle Weich- und Hartgesteinsarten geeignet. Auch auf Ziegel und anderen saugfähigen Oberflächen einsetzbar
    ✅ Perfekt geegnet für Betonwerkstein, Sandstein, Jura oder Solnhofener
    ✅ Betont eindrucksvoll Farbe und Struktur (Nasseffekt) auf allen saugenden Oberflächen wie Tonplatten, Cotto, Weich- und Hartgesteinsarten wie Marmor, Granit, Sandstein, Jura, Betonwerkstein, Terrazo und anderen Natursteinen
    ✅ Geringer Verbrauch – 1 Liter für bis zu 10 m2