Latex Paint for Walls and Ceilings Silk Matt Interior White W556 1-20L

€22.90 / 1l
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✅ Perfect top coat for all interior walls and ceilings
✅ Ideal latex wall paint for heavily used rooms
✅ Highly durable, abrasion resistant, cleanable
✅ Highly opaque, odorless, low in emissions
✅ Washable and very hard-wearing: any impurities, i.e. tomato sauce, can be easily washed off


Washable Latex Paint Silk Matt

Washable and very hard-wearing latex paint for interior application. Its great advantage is the possibility to easily wash off all impurities like tomato sauce etc. That doesn't mean that latex paint is completely waterproof. Latex paint is the ideal wall paint for heavily used rooms such as warehouses, hospitals, schools, play and children's rooms, corridors, staircases, bathrooms, kitchens, etc., that require high-covering paint coating. This paint is odorless, highly durable, abrasion resistant, cleanable, washable, low in emissions, and has high opacity.

Latex Paint W556 is an ideal top coat for all inside walls and ceilings. It is also suitable for plasterboard, gypsum, textured, woodchip- and glass fiber fabric wallpaper as well as for painting over old paints on a dispersion basis.

Substrate Preparation:

The substrate must be firm, clean, dry, free of oil, grease and load. Remove unsustainable and flaking old coatings. Remove all traces of glue, residues of paste and chalking surfaces. New plaster must be dried for at least 4 weeks. Prime heavily absorbent substrates with W518 Penetrative Primer. Cover the area with cover sheets to avoid unnecessary soiling.


Check colors before processing, subsequent complaints can no longer be accepted. Stir well before use. The substrate must be clean, dry, load-bearing, absorbent and release-free. Use rolls, sprays (airless sprayers) or brushes. Do not use below + 8 ° C (temperature and substrate). Clean the tools immediately after usage with soap and water. Dilute the primer coat in max. 10% of water. Apply the top coat undiluted.

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