Yacht Coating Wood Paint Boat Varnish Seawater Proof Glossy SL100 1-20L

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✅ Yacht Vernish - glossy and transparent colour
✅ Good resistant aginst sea water and fresh water
✅ Protection level - High
✅ Used for external and internal
✅ Approx coverage: 5-10 m2 covered per litre, depending on the type of wood


Yacht Varnish Paint SL100 5-20L

Yacht Vernish has glossy, transparent colour. Vernish is good for sea water and fresh water. Varnish is shock-resistant, weather resistant, UV resistant. Protection level - High. Used on external and internal wood in yachts, boats, sport- and classic yachts. Also good for wood on garden furniture in extreme weather conditions.

Product features:

Suitable for wood and wooden materials on yachts, sport and leisure boats in indoor and outdoor areas as well as for wooden structures and highly stressed garden furniture.

The yacht paint is durable and easy to work with. Thanks to its special composition, the boat paint is harder and better than conventional alkyd resin paint. Primed metal substrates can also be painted. In addition, wood can also be coated with the SL100 clear varnish and reliably protected.


✅ Made in Germany
✅ Easy in use
✅ Solvent based
✅ Better than Alkyd paint
✅ UV filter keeps the color for a years
✅ Can be used on other materials like metal.
✅ Approx coverage: 10 m2 covered per litre.
✅ Сolor - transparent
✅ Gloss - glossy

Substrate preparation:

The surface must be free of contaminants such as oil, salt and moisture.


Brushing and rolling work undiluted. Primer coat with approx. 5 - 10%

Dilute turpentine substitute. Apply intermediate or final coat undiluted.

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