Tung Oil Care for Wood Bangkirai Hardwood China Oil Furniture Inside Out W215 1-10L

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✅ Chinese wood oil / tung oil / China oil
✅ Tung or wood oil maintains and protects hardwood surfaces, suitable for teak, eucalyptus, bankirai, larch, oak, cedar
✅ Indoor / Outdoor applicable / Transparent - Colorless
✅ Furniture, stairs, floors, wooden decks (e.g., boats), fences, garden furniture
✅ MADE IN GERMANY - by well-known paint manufacturer with over 100 years of tradition



W215 tung oil / hardwood oil for outdoor and indoor use 1-10L


Product description:


Give your wood surfaces the golden shine and dispense with discolored wood. The Tung or wood oil cares for and protects hardwood surfaces and offers you a long-lasting protection.

It can be used both outdoors and indoors but also in surface treatment.

Outside: Wooden decks (e.g., boats), fences, garden furniture.

Interior: Furniture, stairs, floors.

Info: Due to special additives, the W205 Teak & Bankirai oil is even better for indoor and outdoor planks and furniture.

It penetrates deep into the wood and forms a hard, matt, resistant and, above all, water-resistant surface. Improved and enhanced colors are the result. The wooden surface still retains its natural properties optically. This makes it easy to create an appealing interface.

The Chinese hardwood oil is for teak, eucalyptus, bankirai, larch, oak, cedar and the like. Species and was allegedly used to treat the Great Wall of China.



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