Backdrop interior wall paint - black matt - ceiling varnish dispersion SL700 5-20L

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Größe: 5L
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Matt, black wall and ceiling paint for indoor use | solvent-free, free of harmful emissions, odorless

MADE IN GERMANY: Our wall paints are 100% made in Germany and are of extremely high quality

Interior emulsion paint has good filling properties and dries quickly

Durable on all stable mineral substrates (e.g. masonry, concrete, plaster) as well as plasterboard, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, old emulsion paints and synthetic resin plasters.

Dispersion paint is suitable for all interior walls and ceilings in the entire living area. Color can also be used for decorative purposes in various art projects, e.g. for studio backgrounds (so-called backdrops), for room ceilings in stages, galleries, exhibitions, exhibition boards, discos, black light theaters, etc.

Also fits well on the walls of black light theaters or other art projects.

The strong opacity, odorless, easy to clean, solvent and plasticizer-free properties guarantee a wonderful result on your wall

Suitable for: new and renovation coatings

Thinning: Paint is delivered in brush / roll quality, if necessary it can be thinned with max. 5% water.

Consumption: approx. 5m² qm / liter (depending on the surface).

Area of ​​application:

  • All interior walls and ceilings in the entire living area
  • Walls / ceilings in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway etc.
  • Background color for photo wall
  • Wall behind a TV set
  • The color is also suitable for decorative purposes in the interior, e.g. for room ceilings in gas facilities, theaters, stages, galleries, exhibitions and discos. Color can be used as a background for walls or display boards in art galleries, or in the photo studio. Also fits well on the walls of black light theaters or other art projects.

    Durable on new and old portable surfaces such as plaster, concrete, woodchip, gypsum plaster or plasterboard.

    Preparation of the substrate: The substrate must be clean, dry, stable, if necessary pretreat with a deep primer.

    Processing temperatures / humidity:

  • 5 ° C to + 35 ° C, max. 85% humidity
  • The substrate temperature must be at least + 5 ° C to a maximum of + 25 ° C.
  • The relative humidity should not be more than 85%.

    Suitable for brushing, rolling, spraying.


    The processing temperature must be at least + 5 ° C for air circulation and the substrate. Roll, paint, spray. Always stir well before use. Dip a roller or brush in paint during short breaks.

    Always paint the ceiling first and then the walls. Start painting corners and edges with a flat brush. The result is a professional and perfect paint job. Ensure adequate ventilation during processing and drying. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while using the paint.

    Drying times:

  • At 20 ° C and 65% rel. humidity surface dry after 4-6 hours and can be recoated.
  • The drying times are longer at lower temperatures and higher air humidity.

    Tool cleaning: Immediately after use with water.

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    The mixture is classified as not dangerous according to regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP].

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