Linseed Oil Boiled Varnish Wood Coating Furniture Transparent W210 1-10L

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  • Made in Germany / top quality / biological and non-toxic wood protection
  • Cold-pressed linseed oil / solvent-free, additives and preservatives
  • For all woods indoors or outdoors. Wood care for furniture, parquet, wooden floor, terrace etc.
  • Easy processing / excellent flow / color: transparent
  • Economic consumption: approx. 0.1 - 0.2 liters (per coat)

  • Biological and non-toxic wood protection made from cold-pressed linseed oil
  • Double boiled and resin-free according to RAL 848 B and DIN 55932
  • Forms a viscoplastic, water- and weather-resistant film
  • Does not crack or become brittle | Can be used inside and outside
  • Can be used without hesitation in living spaces, as no toxic gases are released
  • Can be overpainted as a primer with any varnish
  • Seals wooden furniture, kitchen countertops, floorboards, beams, doors or wall coverings, etc.

    Recommended add-on products:

    W227 – Balsamic turpentine oil
    W898 – Soda Lye

    Product Features:

  • Free from solvents, additives and preservatives
  • Also for the application on cork and natural stone
  • Easy processing with excellent flow
  • Economic consumption: only approx. 0.1-0.2 liters of linseed oil per coat per m², depending on the type of wood.
  • Color: Transparent, honey-tinted, light, matt glossy

    Scope of application:

    Linseed oil varnish in a universally applicable primer for interior and exterior. In the exterior, do not use as the sole coating and not for priming dimensionally stable components (windows, doors), if subsequently an open-pored finishing coat (glazes) is used. Suitable for untreated and absorbent substrates such as wood or wood-based materials.

    Drying time:

    At 20°C and medium humidity absorbent substrates can be recoated after 18 - 22 hours, when film-forming on non-absorbent substrates dry after 1 - 2 days. Low temperatures, high humidity or damp substrates delay the drying process.

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    Keep out of the reach of children / If medical advice is needed, have packaging or label at hand.

    The product is classified as non-hazardous according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 [CLP].

    This product complies with the requirements of Directives 2004/42/EC and 2010/79/EU on the limitation of the VOC content.

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